Sunday, November 06, 2005

Seattle's finest.

On Friday night, I volunteered at Seattle Works' Emerald City Swank event. It was AWESOME. Think 550 people, all under 40, all in cocktail attire (except for that guy in jeans, but he was cute so it was okay), all bidding on auction items for a great cause. (The mission of Seattle Works: To inform, connect, and inspire people in their 20s and 30s to take action in our community.)

And holy cow did these people bid money. A guest DJ slot on KEXP's Larry's Lounge show went for over $2000. A package including 2 tickets for the sold-out Death Cab for Cutie show, a hotel stay, and breakfast at Top Pot went for $2500.

And, sadly, our dream prize of a PRIVATE TRIVIA NIGHT hosted by our emcee for the evening (Mr. Trivia himself) went for $1500. There were TWO separate groups willing to pay that much. We were bidding up to $700 and thought we had a great chance. Oh well. I keep telling myself, more money for the great cause and all.

But I REALLY wanted a trivia night where I got to choose my own categories.

And what did I do to help out at this event? Well, I got to walk around with a clipboard and look all important. And then during the auction I got to wear a giant foam finger (to help the auctioneers spot people who wanted to bid). But the best part of all was after the volunteering was over and getting to dance to "Hey Ya" with Seattle's finest. (I will never get tired of that song.) My feet still hurt 2 days later, but I'm blaming that on my shoes and not my dancing technique.


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