Monday, October 24, 2005

NYC weekend update.

Well, I'm back. What a fantastic (if sleepless) weekend. I'll give you the breakdown.

Friday: Got in around 9 and Eric (ahem, "Captain Inappropriate") and I went to my favorite NYC place, Pommes Frites. I had the fries with rosemary garlic mayo. Twice-fried potatoes and mayonnaise, really, how could you go wrong (of course I had ketchup too)? Then we went to a bar (where the rest of the wedding crowd eventually trickled in) and I consumed several pints of Magic Hat #9, a beer I really missed (you can't get it in Seattle) until I had it on Friday. It was good, but nothing special. Oh, how time can change things...! Went home around 3 AM.

Saturday: The wedding! SO, so nice. It was fantastic, from the ceremony (short, but still really meaningful/touching), to the food (delicious and WAY more than I could eat, which is saying a lot), to the atmosphere (and by "atmosphere" I mean a bunch of my best friends from college all getting drunk at 1 PM on the wide-open bar). Since the wedding ended around 6 PM, we met up later that night. We started at a really crowded wine bar, then we went to a diner (where I had some pretty terrible french fries), and then we went to a strangely empty bar (where the bartenders were thrilled with a crowd of 20 people buying rounds of shots). But THEN we went to karaoke. We got a private room, a first for me. It was SO much fun. Highlights included Kristen and I dueting on "Hit Me Baby One More Time," the group's "Motownphilly," and of course, Adam's masterful "Patience." The evening ended with falafel around 4:30 AM.

Sunday: On Sunday morning, my grandma and her boyfriend (seriously, they are SO CUTE together: she cooks him food and he drives her around to her doctor appointments, and when she nags him about his driving he jokingly threatens to drop her by the side of the road) picked me up and took me back to my grandma's place in Brooklyn. There, we feasted on challah, salad, matzo ball soup, roast chicken, potato kugel, zucchini, and pickles. In true Jewish-grandmother fashion, she kept insisting that I wasn't eating enough. Highlights of the plane trip home (Song is really great!) included a delicious grilled chicken salad (food designed by Dave Lieberman!), satellite TV, and INTERACTIVE TRIVIA. You play against other people on the plane, and they tell you your competitors' seat numbers! (Um, not to brag or anything, but I totally kicked everyone else's ass, so I was a little embarrassed when I found out a guy directly behind me was playing, too. Did he think I was a total dork?)

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