Friday, October 20, 2006

A list: watch your food.

Items of which you have to be careful (or else I will eat the entire container/box/package/plateful):

French fries, sesame crackers, vanilla-almond cereal (I forget the brand, but I used to buy it at Whole Foods in Providence and I could literally eat the whole box in 2 days), actually ANY type of sugary cereal (an ex-boyfriend used to buy Reese's Puffs and it pretty much sealed the deal with us becoming a couple [also, he owned his very own deep fryer and listened to indie rock]), pizza crust, Trader Joe's peanut butter pretzels, the roasted broccoli at Black Bottle.

This is all a cry for help, because I just opened a package of sesame crackers and I'm home alone. Nelly and Rob are visiting this weekend and I am really trying to save some crackers for when they get back to the apartment.

(And the Black Bottle reference is for the FG [but I seriously will eat an entire plate of broccoli], who requested that I blog about this [and I cannot refuse her now that she's leaving me!] - I know a guy who met his current girlfriend at Black Bottle when they both found themselves alone at the bar, each with a drink and a plate of the broccoli. The broccoli brought them together! GHWB would not be happy [which is awesome].)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:37 PM  
Blogger fabulous girl said...

That ex sounds like a mutual suicide-by-heart-attack pact. I'm obviously with you on the PB pretzels, and plan to do my best to find an apartment within 20 blocks of the only TJ's in Manhattan.

And I'm not leaving you, I'm leaving everyone! (Who's going to remind you that it's not about you when I'm gone?)

11:32 AM  
Blogger Colin said...

(Who's going to remind you that it's not about you when I'm gone?)

The real question, FG, is who is it going to be about when you're gone?

4:32 PM  
Blogger fabulous girl said...

Ooh, that's a great question! To whom shall I pass the torch of self-importance? I suspect it will have to go to another of the only children, but I'm willing to be plied with (real) food and alcohol if you're lobbying ...

11:03 AM  

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