Saturday, October 07, 2006

7 courses of beef and 3 gears.

Last night we went to Green Leaf. Awesome. We had the banh xeo (huge thin omelette-type things stuffed with bean sprouts and various meats/seafood that you wrap in lettuce leaves with cilantro and mint and dip in a fish-saucy mixture) and the SEVEN courses of beef (honestly, too much food to list - but all of it was absolutely fantastic). This was way too much food and it was only $23. But beware, the people who work there are almost frighteningly nice. (If you're scared of strangers like I am, it's stressful whenever a new employee comes to your table - they'll want to talk.)

And then I drove home! (Noteworthy because this was Nate's car.) I stalled right as I pulled into the driveway, but other than that, I was good. (Okay, so I tend to push the gas way too hard, so there's a nice revving effect whenever I try to move. Hopefully no one will think I want to drag race.)


Blogger fabulous girl said...

ooh, so glad you made it there! So yummy, and the beef-free meals are awesome too. And yay for driving!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Filmire said...

Way to drive home. When I first bought my car, I squealed my tires on every hill to avoid stalling. Maybe you -should- drag race; it would make for a VERY interesting post on your blog. ;-)

6:46 PM  

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