Sunday, November 13, 2005

Trivia Night report, 11/9.

I know, I know. I am SO behind with this. Someone even asked me why the report was so late. (Hint: Kate is L-A-Z-Y.)

So anyway, we came in second--not bad at all. Highlights included an entire identify-the-picture category of cartoon dog characters (we got all of them right--thanks to Colin, who came through with the clutch Hong Kong Phooey answer). And I was somewhat embarrassed to be able to identify Under the Table and Dreaming immediately as soon as the beginning of "What Would You Say" started playing. Yeah, that's right, I used to love the Dave Matthews Band.

Have I mentioned that November is Trophy Month? That means we only have 2 more weeks to win a trophy!


Blogger Colin said...

That's an awesome page of information about Hong Kong Phooey. I think there was a discussion that happened about when people thought that the cartoon would have been broadcast. I said '70s and was met with resistance by a few folks who thought that it would be mid-80s at the earliest. So I'd just like to quote this excerpt from the information page:

First Appearance: Hong Kong Phooey #1 "Car Thieves" (Hanna Barbera for ABC, 7th September 1974)


(Guess who has a compulsion to be right? Let's add a little counterpoint to that.)

You forgot to mention that the reason we got second instead of first is because I was unable to recall that dinosaur movie.

5:36 PM  
Blogger winnekat said...

You didn't know that dinosaur movie, but you DID know that The Commitments were from Dublin, and NO ONE on our team knew that.

So if you weren't up there, we'd be out long before he got to the dinosaur question.

6:00 PM  

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