Thursday, August 10, 2006

Since [you've] been gone.

What? I've been the one that's been gone? Semantics. I love that song. (And I'm not ashamed to admit it, because Ted Leo loves it too.)

So I thought I'd make a list of stuff that I've found noteworthy in the past few weeks. Most are awesome things, but the first is super-sad, so that averaged the list out to "noteworthy."

No more Kozak's trivia! This is incredibly sad. First the EMP, and now this. I don't have a trivia home anymore.

It's a bird, it's a plane... No, it's Kate the Supertaster! That's right, I'm a supertaster. Last week my cooking lab class had a guest speaker who told us all about taste and sensory perception. Part of her presentation included testing for supertasters. We put a chemical-saturated scrap of paper in our mouths, and 3 people in the class (myself included) all made a terrible what is this crap? face. (It tasted absolutely disgusting.) The majority of the class was like, eh, not so pleasant, and then a few people didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. As you've probably guessed, the people with the overblown reactions are supertasters. I think this is awesome, and I've been bragging about it for a week. The weird thing is, supertasters aren't supposed to like bitter things (coffee, dark chocolate, broccoli, grapefruit), and I love all of these (however, I do use cream in my coffee - and, if I'm going to be totally honest here, my absolute favorite coffee is Dunkin Donuts with cream and 2 Equals, and not some fair trade organic stuff from Victrola). I asked about this, and the presenter said we could train ourselves out of our natural preferences (hence I think the Victrola stuff is "better," so I drink it, plus there are no Dunkin Donuts in this stupid state).

Ken Jennings' blog!
It's great! You should read it.

The Mugs are coming to Seattle. Holy shit am I excited. THREE performances! Do you think they need a place to stay while they're here? (I am kind of serious about this.) And Boston people (I'm [virtually] looking at you) - they'll be at Bill's Bar on Monday. (For those of you who don't know, the Mugs are an extremely talented band from Brooklyn. Coincidentally, their members also happen to include 2 alumni of my favorite a cappella group.)

We now have a Tivo-like thing. OMG it's amazing. I have already set it to record the next season of Laguna Beach.

And with that, good night!


Anonymous rotorglow said...

Did you really type "OMG?"

8:52 AM  
Blogger winnekat said...

Um. Yes. Yes, I did.


2:21 AM  
Blogger fabulous girl said...

WTF is wrong with that, exactly?

10:43 AM  
Anonymous rotorglow said...

FG, nothing's wrong with it, AFAIK. It's just that it made me ROFL.

9:59 PM  
Blogger fabulous girl said...

well, it's good to know that TK has that effect from a distance as well as in person. Can't remember the last time I could get up OTF for all the LOL-ing.

10:56 PM  
Blogger NH said...

Rob is convinced that I am a supertaster. It would be neat to take a test on it... and I have to say, I really hate bitter things. Even a frappecino is a little too coffee for me at times. Then again, I do like grapefruit... but I think it's because I love sour things. I want to take this test! Maybe it'll help justify my being such a picky eater. ;p

8:01 PM  

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