Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Making a list, checking it twice.

So I don't know if you guys in Boston are nicer, or what, but here in Seattle I have quite the reputation of Kate the Niceguy, something that's sort of new to me. (I don't mean this as an insult! I love all of you Seattle people, and I think it's awesome that I'm the group pushover... But of course, I would love all of you, and I would love my role, wouldn't I?)

Anyway, one day I was mentioning how I thought I didn't like someone, but it turns out she's a great person!, and the group was underwhelmed. A list of "People Kate Doesn't Like" was proposed, and Pol Pot and Hitler made it, but not too many others. (I'd like to add the people who stuffed the puppies with heroin.)

So, I am documenting my list here (ignoring the genocide-causers and puppy-torturers for now). I do not like this woman who substitutes for spinning classes at my gym. Her music sucks, it's not loud enough, she doesn't know how to work the microphone, she can never adjust her bike properly, and I don't even get that great of a workout. I also used to REALLY dislike this woman who worked at my office, but since I work remotely now and she was fired (I'm assuming for incompetence, which is why I didn't like her), I'm giving her a bye.

But, after tonight, I can definitively say that I DO NOT LIKE my microbiology professor. Since she looks like (and probably is!) a grandma, I had difficulty putting her on the list, but after tonight's hour "lecture" (in which she read directly from another professor's slides) on the wrong chapter (to rectify her error she read 3 tables from the correct chapter, ignored the rest of the chapter, and never told us what was important to know, which doesn't exactly matter because all of the exams are taken in groups and open book), she is ON THE LIST.

To summarize, do not get on my bad side, because it probably means you're either totally incompetent or you killed a bunch of people. You won't be in good company.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Leave me paralyzed, love.

Today on my run, I decided I was sick of CYHSY and thought I'd mix it up with a little shuffle. (Ooh!) Weirdly, the nano brain decided to play 4 of my All-Time Top 10 Breakup Songs: the Wallflowers' "I've Been Delivered," Lucinda Williams' "Can't Let Go," the Shins' "The Past and Pending," and just as I was turning onto my street, the Notwist's "Consequence."

Hmm. Thanks, nano.

(Yes, I know it's annoying to anthropomorphize the nano and that it's all a random selection blah blah.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I got out of class (microbiology) a whopping 2+ hours early tonight. We took the exam (it was open book AND we took it in groups AND the questions were divided by chapter, so you knew exactly where to look for the answers). My group finished in about half the time the other groups took, and then we completed the lab before some groups even finished gathering their materials. I had serious Group Karma when I sat down at that lab table my first day of class.

Since I got out of class early, I was able to stop at Whole Foods on my way home (I drive home right past it!) and buy the ingredients for Nelly and Rob's anchovy broccoli orecchiette. It sounds weird, but it is SO good. I also got some pork tenderloin, which we broiled with dijon mustard.

I'm thinking of selling my car once I start grad school this fall, because I'll never need it, and I get a Flexcar discount. This is very thrilling. (Although this might speed up the necessity for me to learn to drive stick, which I am avoiding at all costs. [If only for the picking up girls reason: if I can drive stick myself, it won't really impress me when other people can do it...])

Finally, tomorrow's cooking lab class covers muffins and pies.