Saturday, January 20, 2007


Nate's on another one of his exotic trips, this time to Niger, but it's totally cool (ie, I'm not insanely jealous) because it's non-work related - his sister's getting married. It's a long story, but she was in the Peace Corps and is now doing her doctoral research there, and apparently seeing her get married (to her German fiance, Guenther [again, no umlaut, sorry!]) is a big deal and very important to the people with whom she's working there. Nate says the wedding will take several days and he's probably going to buy a goat for the reception! Cool.

Anyway, so instead of going out or something, tonight I: swept the house, did laundry, and cooked/baked. I made the no-knead bread (my second time, and it came out much better this time - I think because I let the first rise go for almost 20 hours, and last time it was about 10 or so), eggplant parmesan, and chocolate chip cookies.

The best part? Listening to old This American Life episodes as I cooked!

Oh boy, I'm an old lady.


Anonymous anna said...

this is too funny. last night i was home by myself too, and made a giant pot of chili (good freezer leftovers), date bread (a dessert type bread, i have lots of dates and it looked interesting), and a regular (but round) white bread -- technically not the no-knead, but my food processor did all the work ;) and it was ready in a couple hours instead of 24 :)

7:22 AM  
Blogger fabulous girl said...

Nothing wrong with nesting/cocooning, especially with the winter you've been having. I'm heavily into the tea, TV and knitting cycle myself these days.

10:04 AM  

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