Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy hour(s).

Thursday is my new Friday: I don't have any classes on Friday this quarter, so every weekend is 3 days long.
It feels like Spring in Seattle today.
I had 2 glasses of wine at the District Lounge with a friend.
The bus home smelled like french fries. It also provided excellent eavesdropping opportunities - this dude next to me was complaining to his girlfriend how he wasn't as good as Thom Hartmann (I guess he has a radio show? She said, "Honey, he's like 60!") and kept reading her choice excerpts from The 48 Laws of Power (something about if you don't have enemies, you should create them).
The cashier at Trader Joe's couldn't scan my box of organic cherry tomatoes for some reason, so he charged me only $0.99.
Puppies. Lots of puppies out on the walk home.


Blogger fabulous girl said...

So glad things are going so well!

Where are the photos?! Flickr already!

11:27 AM  

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