Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trivia Nights report, 3/26 and 3/30.

3/26 at the Jones: We came in third. (I think.) Notable was my THREE UAF category ("pop star goes Hollywood: box office busts"), in which I knew Spice World was out in 1998, the 2003 musical movie with former American Idol contestants was called From Justin to Kelly, and that Britney Spears was the star of Crossroads. (Might I point out: I have never seen any of these movies, and I do not watch American Idol.)

3/30: This was a special benefit trivia night for one of my favorite Seattle organizations, Seattle Works. Our superstar trivia team won first place! And again, my only real contribution was an embarrassing one. I knew that the famous model who appeared topless on a 1993 novel cover (the model also wrote the novel) was none other than the fabulous Fabio.


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