Thursday, March 16, 2006

Trivia Night reports, 3/8 and 3/12.

Wow! My first ever double Trivia Night post! Try to contain your excitement.

3/8: Ah, the penultimate Wednesday Trivia Night. We actually won the JV trivia prize, or the prize for being the smartest team among the dumb people. (Fred implemented this new plan where we score the answers after the first half. Whoever gets below a certain point level on the first half competes for the JV prize of $10.) Our second half was much better--in the first half, we got every single question wrong in the category, "Who said this quote, Ben Franklin or Confucius?"

3/12: We won! Very impressive. And seriously--the Jones' fries are so, SO good. (Sunday was also a great day for other reasons besides the trivia win. It was a Day of Double Fries, in which I ate poutine at brunch on Sunday morning and fries at the Jones at night.)


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