Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life, etc.

So I've got lots of stuff that's happened in the past few weeks. Want to hear about it?

In the reading arena, I've finished a bunch of books. Snow, while critically acclaimed, did not impress me at all. Actually, it was one of those books that made me feel stupid. Like, everyone thinks this is great, so what does it mean that I'm bored? I had to power through at the end so I could start something else. And that something else was The Historian. WOW. Read it. It's a well-written DaVinci Code (which, in my opinion, was a rather badly written, but really interesting, page-turner). Mystery and history and vampires and's just good. Read it. (I was so enthralled that I read all 650 pages in 2 days. And it was scary! After reading before bed I'd have to watch a few minutes of the Food Network so I didn't have dreams about vampires.)

Cooking-wise, I made a HUGE amount of healthy and tasty spicy bean soup (that really does say a half cup of chili powder) and delicious spinach lasagna (I double the spinach). At my Oscar party tonight, we had my new favorite cocktail, the French 75. It doesn't taste alcoholic at all! And any drink with a maraschino cherry is good in my book.

Last weekend we saw Rob Corddry at the UW. He was great. Funny, obviously, and self-deprecating, and fantastic with hecklers. At one point, these 2 guys left the room and then returned with a Nepalese flag. Then they handed it to Rob and he proceeded to make fun of the "flag guys" for the rest of the night--but in a nice way. (I immediately texted Vijay after the show. A Nepalese flag!!!) He also answered questions from the audience, 2 of which involved bears (1 question was about the animal, and 1 was about the gay fetish [yup, really]).

(If you haven't seen Rob Corddry's Boston video, please please watch. "C'mon Corddry!")

Finally, let me give props to my man Jon Stewart and his fantastic job at the Oscars. I'm so proud, like he's a friend of mine or something.


Blogger Rainster said...

I found out why it's called a French 75!!! Apparently it was a WW1 artillery gun used by the French. Therefore champagne... Fun Oscars night! Thanks for hosting!

10:43 PM  
Anonymous C.I. said...

Did you like the Josh Braff book?

Have you heard of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? It's one of the few mainstream books I've read and really enjoyed (I just finished it this weekend).

8:54 AM  
Blogger winnekat said...

Eh. The Josh Braff book was just okay. I don't really recommend it. I have heard of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell...perhaps I will request it from the library.

9:09 AM  
Blogger paducci said...

viva nepal!

10:01 AM  
Blogger NH said...

Follow this: a colleague just told me that the author of the historian is his mom's neighbor's niece. His mom actually drove the author all over town when she was in CT for all the book signings!

9:36 AM  

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