Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bacon Fest 2K6.

Everyone in Seattle who reads my blog should have an invitation already. But I had to post this to show my (like, 4) other readers what they're missing when they didn't take me up on the super-cheap flights to Seattle: Bacon Fest 2K6.

(I am just going to paste Colin's email in its entirety. I couldn't have expressed it better myself.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the much anticipated Bacon Fest 2K6 has been scheduled for this coming Sunday at 2PM! What is Bacon Fest 2K6? Well, the details of the format are still being hammered out by a team of expert officials working around the clock, but we can tell you that the marquee event will consist of a blind taste testing of several different types of bacon. Types of bacon may include different artisan brands or different methods of curing & smoking the meat. After the taste testing, there will probably be additional bacon available for further consumption - perhaps in the form of BLTs. Palate cleansers will also be available.
WHAT: Bacon Fest 2K6
WHERE: Kate & Nate's House of Bacon
WHEN: Sunday, February 19th, 2:00 PM

BRING: Yourself. If you want, you can also bring snacks and
beverages. If there's a particular bacon that you love and adore and you would like to have it included in the taste-testing, feel free to bring some (and make sure that you're on time!).
RSVP: Yes! Please let me know if you're planning to attend so that we
can best judge how much bacon we need. We'd hate to run out. You're welcome to bring a friend but please let us know in advance.
This is the bacon-themed event of the season that you *won't* want to

Would it be too dorky to say that Colin and I just had dinner and we discussed how to perform the double-blinding of the bacons so that we can fully participate in the analysis?


Anonymous rotorglow said...

Wait....what? Bacon? I didn't know there was bacon.


10:26 AM  
Blogger winnekat said...

Well, I didn't know there'd be bacon THIS weekend when I wrote that post, but you know, this is the TYPE of excitement you Boston people could expect here.

Or, you'd get a weekend of me Googling people and doing my taxes. Either way, thrilling!

11:40 AM  

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