Thursday, February 09, 2006


I think The Office might just be the best sitcom I have ever watched regularly. Ever.

And I am not just saying that because I did some Google-stalking and found out that one of the stars graduated in 2002 from my college.

(Also, Fred once analyzed my sitcom preferences, and I've discovered that I like one-camera sitcoms with no laugh track. Anyone have suggestions for me?)


Anonymous rotorglow said...

So you haven't been watching Arrested Development?

It's not single-camera, but it doesn't have a laugh track. And it [strike]is[/strike] was brilliant.

[No strike or del tags in comments? Grr.]

9:20 PM  
Blogger winnekat said...

No. I haven't. I KNOW it's a fantastic show and I'd love it. But I think I'm always doing something when it's on. (A class at the gym, maybe?) I'll have to get the DVDs.

I am really sad it's off the air now, just on principle.

9:52 PM  

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