Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Maybe I should rethink this?

It's kind of funny when you find yourself telling someone about your possible plans for nutrition graduate school over a dinner of 2 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and half a plate of potato chip nachos (ie, potato chips with melted cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and sour cream).


Blogger Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

congrats to a fellow nutrition student...University of Auburn

9:49 PM  
Anonymous rotorglow said...

Only two?

10:25 PM  
Anonymous joanna said...

where was the bacon?

11:41 PM  
Blogger winnekat said...

Thanks Deano/Jimmy Joe/Fat Elvis! (???)

Come on now. THREE beers and half a plate of potato chip nachos? Totally ridiculous. Good thing I might be going to nutrition school so I can help people like you.

Joanna! You're right! We forgot the bacon! But I was sharing the nachos with a vegetarian, so I had to make some sacrifices.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous rotorglow said...

If you space the 3 beers and nachos out appropriately, it's not nearly as gluttonous as it sounds. What's another 30 or 45 minutes of good conversation about nutrition school between friends? Hmm....has "Life is short; have another beer" already been used as a motto?

Plus, you said the nachos were vegetarian; that means they're healthy(er). A 3rd beer would be NO problem.

10:56 AM  
Blogger winnekat said...

I guess you're right--beer is healthy! (Ignoring the fact that most medical assocations recommend ONE drink per night for women...)

And yes, the potato nachos were positively diet food! (Seriously, they were pretty awesome. And I think the beef that was supposed to come on top would've just been overkill.)

8:59 PM  

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