Monday, September 05, 2005

Dun - DUN.

The hangover went away on Saturday night and left in its place extreme congestion. I finally got that cold that's been circling around, I guess. So, as a recap, here's what I missed this weekend: biking to the Red Hook brewery on Saturday, Bumbershoot on Sunday (and karaoke at Vito's!), and Dave and Anny's engagement party today. But, oh, what I did instead: Meg Ryan movies, reading, napping, eating soup and saltines. How thrilling!

Right now there's a Law and Order marathon on TNT. I've already watched 3 episodes. Lennie Briscoe, how we miss you! (Look--L&O HAIKU!) Watching this show reminds me of living with Jess. We'd get sucked into episodes all of the time. Nate's not as susceptible as she was.

Before I started feeling really sick on Sunday, I made more soup. I think now it's safe to say it's more my recipe than Orangette's. My substitutions included 1 lb. skinless, boneless chicken breasts, veggie broth, no leeks, dried thyme, a 28-oz can of whole tomatoes and juices, and about 6 c. baby spinach. It's good, but after 5 consecutive meals of soup and/or saltines, I'm ready for a change. (Maybe this means I'm getting better?)


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