Thursday, August 25, 2005

Delicious turkey (semi-) meatballs.

Tonight I made these turkey meatballs that I found on Orangette's site. (Yes, I do use recipes from other places.) They were delicious, but not so meatbally. They wouldn't hold together. Maybe I used too much onion? I grated the onion--should I have chopped it? Maybe I didn't use enough bread crumbs? Anyway, I first tried sauteeing them in ball shapes, but they all fell apart. Then I tried sauteeing them in patties, but that still didn't turn out well either. Finally, I broke out the George Foreman. Oh well. They still tasted really good.

Before the meatball problem, I went to the super insane class at the gym. This guy is the instructor. At one point he said something like, "Okay, you guys just all have to do 100 push-ups (no cheating and putting your knees down!) and if anyone cheats we're going to have to add on an extra 50." We all said "NO!", which is pretty unusual for a class to talk back to the instructor like that, so he changed the plan. One hilarious part was when he was making fun of everyone for not being able to keep the beat. This is from the man who continuously bops around to the beat, sings along to the music, and just generally looks like he's having the greatest time of his life while lifting really heavy weights. Well, I am sorry if I can't keep the best time to the music when I'm sweating and feeling faint and thinking my arms are going to fall off if I have to do one more shoulder exercise.

I did feel a tiny bit tough because the guy next to me was using the same weight dumbbells that I was (5 lb.) and he chickened out earlier during the tricep curls. I am buff!


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