Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I warned you about the reality show thing.

So in the NY Times today there was an article about my favorite MTV reality show!

Has anyone ever heard of this before? (Via Kottke.) Apparently in dictionaries and encyclopedias the publishers include fake entries to protect their copyright or whatever. So weird and cool. (And even cooler is that someone felt it necessary to go through all of the E's in the New Oxford English Dictionary to find the fake word!)

I had the exact same lavash bread pizza for dinner tonight (except I added olives!) so I have nothing new to report, culinary-wise. Ooh, but has anyone had this Edy's Light ice cream (Dreyer's for those of you on the West coast)? It's "slow churned," which means "magic process to remove fat and calories while leaving in freaking amazing ice cream flavor."

Tomorrow's Trivia Night should be interesting. First off, Fred (the host) has another gig, so we're getting a substitute question-asker. And my normal ACLU-based team is going to have to split up--the team limit is 8, and we have about 14 coming. Hopefully we can keep the civil liberties infighting to a minimum and concentrate on getting both first and second places.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is neat about the dictionary. I can see someone using a fake word in a court brief, the judge looking it up, finding out it was fake, and then sanctioning the lawyer for sloppy work, the lawyer then suing the company about it. See how ls warps the mind?

Laguna Beach is good, but the show is just too pretty. It looks like a scripted drama instead of a reality show. My new favorite is Tommy Lee Goes to College. Prison Break is also really good, the new Fox show.


6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you tried Haggan-Daaz cheesecake ice cream? Its not magical but amazingly delicious.

6:57 PM  
Blogger winnekat said...

Did you see that the article said the fake word has been found on Dictionary.com? I've heard it's been removed now that the New Yorker article has been published, but still. I could definitely see how the fake word could be used in a legal case.

Haagan-Daaz, hmmm? Is it lower fat ice cream? If it's not, there's no way it's going to compete with my magical Edy's/Dreyer's.

11:37 PM  

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