Friday, December 16, 2005

Trivia Night report, 12/14.

Well, we tied for third. (When I told Nate how we did, he said, "Doesn't that mean you came in fourth?" but I am choosing to ignore that. Third!)

The categories were actually pretty cool--there was a picture round with famous mugshots (we only missed Suge Knight's--we thought it was Stanley Williams, for timeliness and all), an Aesop's fables category, and a category about farm animals. My favorite category was one in which he played the B-side of a single and we had to identify the A-side. (This was hard--we only got 1 right--but it was still fun to think about. Did you know that "Jeremy" was the A-side to "Yellow Ledbetter?" [Of course, it would have helped if I could actually identify "Yellow Ledbetter." I confused it with "Elderly Woman..." Oops.])

I DID have a UAF this week, but it was no Lithuania. I knew that Paris Hilton was voted the Worst Dog Owner of 2005. So there you go: my team keeps me around for my legible handwriting (I fill in the answer sheet every week) and obscure-ish knowledge of reality television personalities. I guess it's better than nothing...


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