Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rory, get a calculator.

Tonight's "I hate Rory" moment of the Gilmore Girls came from Rory's inability to perform basic math. See, she has to do 300 hours of community service over 6 months because she stole a yacht. So according to Rory, "That's a full-time job." Um, Rory, actually, it's 12.5 hours a week. Most of us (even including those of us who work from home in our pajamas!) work more than that.

The episode was nearly redeemed by DAR members talking about which founding father they "fancy." One woman picked Alexander Hamilton over George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. There was also 1 vote for James Madison. Judging from those pictures, I'm with the woman who picked Hamilton. What a hottie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who's done community service. 12.5 hrs a week is worse than a full time job.

3:40 PM  

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