Friday, September 16, 2005

I know you all come here for the food.

It's been like TWO DAYS since I've written about food! How could that be? Anyway, yesterday my parents and I went to Salumi for lunch and Tamarind Tree for dinner. Now that's a good food day.

Salumi, for those of you who don't know, has almost mythical status here in Seattle. It's owned by Armandino Batali (Mario's dad!), and it's only open for lunch 4 days a week. They serve all kinds of salami sandwiches, other meat items (the first time I was there I had a roast baby pig sandwich!), a soup, and a pasta dish. That's it. I had the salumi salami sandwich with fresh mozzarella yesterday. It was sooooooo good. Next time I want to try another kind of salami--maybe the finocchiona (fennel) or the mole (with chocolate, cinnamon, and ancho chilis).

And Tamarind Tree...well, I have mixed reviews. The food is awesome. We had fresh spring rolls, coconut rice cakes with turmeric shrimp, and I had green beans with tofu and some kind of combination dish with grilled pork, rice crepes filled with ground pork, and pork sausage/bologna. The green beans were delicious, but the combination dish was a little too complicated/busy for me. But anyway, the food gets a thumbs up. The SERVICE, however... I've read about how bad it is, but I didn't expect this. My parents got their dinners, and about 10 minutes later I got my green beans. So I asked, "my other food is coming, right?" (I was intentionally bringing home leftovers, I'm not THAT much of a pig), and all I got was a blank look. The waitress was really nice, but she totally forgot about the other thing I ordered. She apparently "rushed" it, but we didn't get anything free or even a real apology. Oh well. The food was good enough to go back. Next time I'm getting a bun platter (you get lettuce and rice paper to wrap your own food--I am such a sucker for food I construct myself).

And now you are updated on the interesting meals I've consumed recently. You can all breathe a big sigh of relief.


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