Sunday, May 14, 2006

Best dinner ever.

So tonight we were invited to dinner at Joseph's. Joseph is the Lark sous chef, and he cooks these multi-course dinners once a month with local sustainable produce and meat, all from scratch, because it's fun for him. (Also, he lives with a guy who's idea of "relaxation" is building a whole beautiful table out of poplar wood--just to give you an idea of the caliber of people we're dealing with, here. [Let it be known that for relaxation I watch MTV shows like Tiara Girls and My Super Sweet Sixteen.])

First, let me say that this evening has taught me that I am completely unfashionable and I need to go shopping NOW. OMG the women and their clothing! Help me.

And now, onto the food!

The passed appetizers were fennel seed palmiers with Kir Royales. Then we sat down (at the tables that Joseph's roommate constructed), and ate: Baguette with raw milk butter (The butter was SO amazing. It seriously tasted like cheese. I wanted to eat it with a spoon). Fresh ricotta nettle gnudi. Milk-braised pork, made with milk that was taken from the cow 24 hours previously. Farro/wheatberry salad with green garlic vinaigrette (the green garlic was picked from Joseph's garden). Chard and fresh goat cheese tart (ditto for the chard). Goose egg scramble with freshly foraged morels (OMG this was like the ultimate omelet - goose eggs are so rich and creamy. We all thought that he added cream to the scramble, but it was just eggs and the morels). Homemade anise almond biscotti and a cheese plate that I'd go on and on about, if only I knew the first thing about cheese.

Did I mention the different wines with each course?

Best dinner ever.


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