Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trivia Night report, 1/4.

Okay, so I know I owe you a Vegas recap, but I'm being lazy. I DO have to give you last week's Trivia Night report before tomorrow's Trivia Night, though. (Because I know you all REALLY care.)

So, here goes. We got 34 points, but I honestly forget what happened. Did we come in second? Third? Maybe someone can fill me in. I know that our nemeses won, and there was some suspicion of cheating...

Anyway, I did have one UAF, but I can't remember which one it was. Was I the only one to know the name of the Tower of Terror free-fall ride? Or did I know that the cerebellum was the sensory center of the brain?

I do remember that the music category was awesome--we heard clips from Richard Cheese cover songs and we had to identify the original artist. Alanis Morrisette lyrics sung in a lounge singer-style voice are excellent.


Blogger fabulous girl said...

We lost the second place run off because Chad & I are musically clueless. Thanks - I'd almost managed to forget.

11:41 PM  
Blogger winnekat said...

No no! No need to forget! You didn't get the music one, but you DID get the other ones before that--I certainly didn't know those.

8:59 AM  

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