Monday, November 21, 2005

$108,000 in 4 hours.

As I told you, I volunteered at the KEXP pledge drive last week. Due in no small part to my excellent phone-answering skills (um...right...), they met their goal of $375,000 and were able to stop the drive almost 3 days early.

It was awesome.

Friday morning during John's show (6-10 am) is normally the biggest moneymaker of the drive--the record for his show before this drive was $75,000. This year, some foundation (Haas maybe? I was too busy answering phones to pay attention) offered $25,000 if John and Cheryl were able to get $100,000 in pledges in 4 hours. This would bring the total over $375,000 and stop the drive.

And they did it! I'm going to go to the archive and listen to the last half hour of the show, because I am sure they were going nuts. (Topics of discussion between John and Cheryl that week were Cheryl's menstrual cycle [thank god I'm not linking to anything here!], the Jethro Tull Christmas album, and robot vacuums. This when they were supposed to be asking for money.)

We were finished answering phones 4 hours early, but we got to hang around the station, watch Tom Vek perform live, and eat free pizza and cupcakes. Bliss!


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